CategoryArtist of the Month

⭐️ <strong> </strong><strong>Artist of the Month ⭐️</strong>
Every month an idol group can be featured on the app, win prizes for the fandom, and advertised across our social media platform!

🏆 <strong>Prize 🎉</strong>

The fandom can opt for the following prizes:

💰 Comeback Funds  [Budget in preparation for the group comeback or other events]

💻 Youtube ADS Funds [A budget  for launching a campaign on Youtube for Music Views or other sorts of promotions]

💙 30,000 Chamsims IDOLCHAMP ( Showchampion Pre-voting, IDOLCHAMP Charts, and other polls)

☕️ Cup Sleeve Event for the winning group/idol in particular sponsored by us (Available for Philippines fandom only).

<strong>Rules & Voting Guidelines</strong>
▶️ Our team selects 4TH GEN  idol groups that can be voted by fans on a series of rounds. The first round is the selection of the TOP 5, the duration of the poll is 14 days and from the TOP 5, the fans can vote for the final “Artist of the Month” for additional 2 days.

👉🏼 All votes will be reset to 0 during the final round. The combined scores from the TOP 5 and the final round will determine the winner.

👉🏼 Every registered user can vote up to 1 FREE ❤️  every hour per account.

👥  There’s no limit on creating new accounts.

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