Submit your fan project and exchange 🅺Points with promotions!

Please check the list of our available sponsored/promoted ADs through various platforms.

🎯: 25000 🅺Points
📆 Duration: 10 Days

Maximum collection days: 15 Days

This type of ADs is most intended for birthday greetings, comeback/debut promotion and more.

🎯: 85000 🅺Points
📆 Duration: [3 Days]

Maximum collection days: 15 Days

 ✔︎ An image or video (1080 px width  X 1920 px height) with 15 to 30 sec duration. 

📌 The fanbase can choose one platform to promote the artist or the project.

🎯: 100000 🅺Points
📆 Duration: [3 Days X 50K impressions of Music Video per day]

Maximum collection days: 15 Days

📍The impressions varies per targeted countries, please send us a DM to assist you on this.

📆 For single project, we only allowed a minimum of 2 weeks (15 Days) duration to fund the project and a maximum of 30 days for LED & multiple projects in one event. 

❖ The submitted project will be reviewed by our team first and reach out to the project main handler for confirmation.

❖ If you are aiming for specific rewards but not included on our current list, please indicate in the form, DM us or email us at . 

⚠️ In case of the project was unable to reach after the funding end date, 🅺Points used will no longer be refunded.