This is a pre-vote only, please choose your idol group from the poll below.

Support your favourite artist and get rewarded !

RULE 1: In order for the support poll granted on kBOPS APP 📲, the nominees must reach 150 minimum participants on the above survey after giveaway period.

If the total KPoints voted has been unlocked [🔓] , the said rewards will be provided to the fandom.

📌The total poll votes must reach 30,000 🅺Points to claim the rewards. 

20K 💙 IDOLCHAMP | Show Champion

50 MCOUNTDOWN Prevotes

 1 Week  MV ADs (In-APP  Watch Video ADs)

📌 The total poll votes must reach 75,000 🅺Points to claim the rewards. 

2 DAYS Youtube ADs

** Skippable MV ADs that can be prompted while playing videos on Youtube.

📌 The total poll votes must reach 120,000 🅺Points to claim the rewards. 

The fandom will be given funds that can be used on future projects or during  comeback promotions.

 30 Days 🎥 MV ADs (In-APP Video ADs)


2023.02.09 THU 12:00 AM (KST)

2023.02.12  SUN 11:59 PM (KST)

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1 year ago

Let’s go TRI.BE🤍

1 year ago

TNX fighting!!